The revolution of internet TV is called Miro


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Miro is the name given to the revolutionary free and open source internet TV and video player which will put in our hands all the power of millions of videos and thousands of internet TV channels for free.

For sure that you'll have heard about internet TV, now you'll be able to experience it. Miro offers you more than 2500 channels, hundreds of channels in HD with no DRM,...

All we can talk about Miro is great. Miro is the revolution and it is open source, what makes it to be better everyday. Decide what you watch, there are millions of videos out there waiting for you and Miro. Search for videos in all video websites like youtube or blip.tv and download them or do zapping to decide what you like. You can even subscribe to any video RSS feed and enjoy it.

The quality offered is excellent, specially those channels in HD, the interface is eye-catching and very intuitive. You'll have no problem to use it.

Give it a try, you'll be amazed. Download Miro and watch TV online.
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